Forum Announcement: How to Raise a Fixture Library Request
Before requesting a fixture is added, ensure you have checked the latest version of EMU and it hasn't already been requested by another user and is in progress.

To make a fixture library request:

- Create a thread with the name and mode of your fixture.

To ensure a fast turn around time, the team at Crescit require the following information to be provided alongside each fixture request:

- Product Manual
- Product Datasheet
- Web URL to the manufacturers web page
- DMX Map (channel layout)

Add each of these to your post.

The Fixture requests are taken in bi-weekly cycles and are a feature available to users of EMU.

At the end of each bi-weekly period all new requests will be passed to Crescit to begin working on.

Once Crescit has created these files and they have been added to EMU's database. If your computer has an EMU license and is connected to the internet, when starting EMU you will be prompted to download the latest version of the fixture library.

We automatically compile the latest library weekly every Monday.

You can update the fixture library directly within EMU by navigating to Settings>Updates and checking for the latest version.

Create a new fixture request here