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Full Version: Lights freezing problem...
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Just thought I'd start with the fact that im new to EMU and dmx lighting in general.

I've been trying to setup ableton with the emu software by using the vst. Everything is configured properly and I can sync the light show with my backing tracks (which is great).

The problem is that it is pretty much unusable. The lights keep getting stuck on one colour and do not update for a couple of minutes. When they eventually update, all is good for a few seconds, until it does it again... This happens in the EMU software itself (before I even hit play in ableton).

I managed to program the light show for a chorus yesterday and today I cannot achieve anything because of this problem. Coming to actually using this in a live setting is not an option (which is the only reason I bought the product). 

All in all, this is looking really promising, but the software has a few flaws.

First being the issue mentioned above.
Second being the hardware is difficult to connect to the software via USB (often takes a few tries to get it to show in the app)
This is expected as it is free software, just thought I'd give my experiences so far.

Actually getting it to work is my problem, so hopefully you guys can help.