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Interfacing wireless Art-Net node - tfmeier - 18-07-2021

I like the simplicity of emu for the control of a home disco setup. All the DMX fixtures are wireless Art-Net end points. How do I interface to these wireless fixtures?

RE: Interfacing wireless Art-Net node - SamP_ENTTEC - 21-07-2021

Thank you for getting in touch about this.
Depending on the capabilities of the wireless transmitter, you can either send Art-Net from EMU to the wireless transmitter which will control your fixtures. Alternatively if the wireless transmitter accepts DMX, then you can use one of our device to output from EMU to DMX:
DMX USB PRO: https://www.enttec.co.uk/product/controls/dmx-usb-interfaces/dmx-usb-interface/
DMX USB PRO MK2: https://www.enttec.co.uk/product/controls/dmx-usb-interfaces/dmx-usb-pro-interface/
ODE MK2: https://www.enttec.co.uk/product/controls/dmx-ethernet-lighting-control/ethernet-dmx-interface/