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Ableton VST3 problem - mattbod - 24-08-2021

I tried to reply to the forum post that has my problem but it is locked. I am starting a new thread here:

for context:

Im having this problem in my ableton session too.

tried all remedies listed in the forum posts

-checking the ableton site (the only problem is this 3rd party plug in. No MIDI dev connected)
-downloading latest stable
-downloading latest beta
-downloaded the link for an updated version that fixes the problem according to JamesW (
none of the SW Vs fixed the problem. Should I be uninstalling a specific way?

my ableton automation is greyed out, i need to re enable it every time an automation change happens that sends to EMU

for example:
 going from program change 1 to change 2 happens, but then automation is greyed out and it wont advance automatically to program 3. It looks like the change is recognizing as human touch from the program itself.

any suggestions?