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Feature Request - Large Bank / Program Display - G-TRAIN - 21-10-2021

Hi Enttec team

My first post, so please go easy on me!

As a newbie to DMX and lighting control, I wanted to say at the outset what a really great job you guys are doing with EMU. Thank you also for the support when I called you on hardware choice.

My application is setting up a fairly basic lighting rig for our covers band, controlling it with footswitches via MIDI. Probably around 6 - 10 Pars and some moving heads.

I am now running EMU to control a DMX Pro Mk1 and I am now at the stage of programming some basic scenes / programmes to suit each section of the songs in our set, with the Banks being the songs. It all seems to work OK, despite a few software glitches and comms issues here and there which is probably down to me as much as anything.

Anyway, I think a really nice feature would be the ability within the Programs section (whilst actually using it) to have a pop up box (which can be made to always be on top) which shows the song name and section (Bank / Program) in (MUCH) larger text so that when on stage, a glance around at the laptop screen it would be easy to see where the lighting is (in case we get out of sync.) This would be useful as I only use one screen and have a digital mixer also taking up the display. Customisable text size for the pop up would the icing on top.

Just an idea and thanks again.

Best wishes

 G Train.