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Live DJ Show powered by EMU - djsmorgasboard - 02-12-2021

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently working on a live DJ show and am planning to drive the lights, smoke, and effects using EMU. Here's a rough mockup of what the stage will look like:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=123]

There's only one overhead truss at the moment which I'll use to light the DJ and stage. I am planning to add a second truss though to light the crowd. I have an Enttec Octo on the way and I was planning to use it to drive 10 x 24v 1m LED Pixel Bars. Additionally, those boxes at the bottom are placeholders for my smoke and cold spark machines. I'm not sure how to trigger the cold sparks - would it be best to request a new fixture in EMU for this?

Now I'm on a bit of a budget, so I'm planning to take a few shortcuts here. I have an old Pioneer mixer and an XDJ-RX2. There are no CDJ-3000s with Showkontrol here. I'm thinking of driving the whole show through Ableton Live, so it will likely be a pre-mixed, pre-programmed set and all I'll do is layer effects over the top, trigger one-shot samples and maybe tweak the lights. On a second laptop, I want to run Resolume Arena and link it with the Ableton/EMU laptop either through Ableton Link or a hidden SMPTE track.

Any thoughts, tips, advice or ideas are welcome!