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Programs doesn't save
(08-12-2020, 05:31 AM)Drumfreak Wrote:
(07-12-2020, 03:39 PM)MatthewC_ENTTEC Wrote: Hello,

When you say that the changes aren't saving do you mean that when you change back between your programs they are back to 0 or are they are just staying the same and not remembering their values?
On the main screen in the programs widget, there is a blue save icon that will force the programs to save. Gives this a shot and see if it helps.


I tried that and I can't save anything to new or current program. "Save" button ask's me about to overwrite, but nothing is saved in program. 

This is how I do it. I'm changing values of the faders and save that in program. Then I do my changes with faders and save that to another "program". When I change back to any program, faders and values stays in the position that I leaved them. So nothing is saved that I've done.

I don't have any light fixtures connected to DMXIS, but that shouldn't be a problem. I have all my fixtures set up in EMU. None of these changes of any fixture won't be saved in to program. By that I mean that the issue isn't in fixture preset.

Problem solved. I had used midi to get physical faders. It seems that when you insert midi control to faders etc it overrides programming. I took all midi commands off and everything works fine. 

Is there going to be a change to that midi function? I would like to send midi commands from surface and still be able to write programs like I've done with DMXIS.

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