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(06-01-2022, 05:26 AM)Gresh Wrote: Hello,

I'm trying the BETA software because of significant problems i've been having with the authorized full-version software.

Basically, the same exact problems are still happening.

Apple M1 Pro
MAC OSX 12.0.1


-No problems if I only have one bank. All programs save and recall properly.
-When additional banks are added the following problems erratically occur:
  -Programs are randomly over-written when the show is saved
  -Changing between banks results in phantom changes to the programs in the new bank.
  -Any program copied from one bank to another seems to remain linked. If a change is made to the newly copied program it messes up the original program in the original bank.
  -Any use of the Macro button results in many changes to multiple saved programs
  -Adding any new fixtures to the show in the patch interface blanks out most if not all programs and banks in the show. This happens even if the fixture is added to the end of the numerically available spots.
  -Moving any program up or down in the bank scrambles the settings randomly of surrounding programs in that bank.

I have a theory: I think the EMU GUI is not properly connecting saved data files to the GUI bank and program spots. Something is not wired exactly right and the results are erratic and unreliable programs.

Here's the thing. When this software is working properly, it is going to be EXACTLY what I need for our show. But, in the current state, I can't use it.

Please help.

Very Respectfully,
Gresh Laing

Hey Gresh,

Thanks for reporting this. The team were able to replicate this in the latest build yesterday. - A fix was issued for a similar scenario in the December release, but it doesn't look to have solved all occurrences. If possible would you be able to send your show file to the USA support team if you haven't already, or post on here if you don't mind it being public. - we'll use this as the basis for testing to we can ensure the scenario you're seeing gets addressed.


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