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VST not showing up in FL Studio 20
Hey all, 

I have just downloaded Enttec's EMU on my Macbook Pro and waiting for the DMX Pro to arrive. I'm trying to set up the VST3 with Fruity Loops, but FL doesn't seem to recognize the VST. Also, when installing EMU it doesn't give me any installation setup, but just runs it. Therefore, I don't have any idea where the VST is installed. 

I've tried re-installing EMU several times, put the VST in the correct folder and even tried creating a new path within FL Studio to find the VST3, nothing has worked so far. Can anybody please help me out how to tackle this problem? 


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VST not showing up in FL Studio 20 - by FL0r1s - 13-01-2022, 12:32 AM

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