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Sending program changes from Ableton 11 to EMU
Hi everyone,

I wish to send program changes from Ableton in Session view. I understand the theatre guys use this approach (cues for sound effects and lighting changes in the same clip etc.) but I am having quite the time trying to achieve this. 

I am designing lighting and sound for a local theatre production that will be upon me soon and time is of the essence Smile

I aim to have approx. 40 scenes with lighting cues and some sound effects so Ableton Session view gets the gig.

I have read the Ableton manual and understand I need to have a midi clip send program changes when a scene is launched.  I am using a laptop with both Ableton and EMU installed so I have midi yoke as the interface between the two. All is good there, they see each other.

Questions I have about EMU- Where do I install it in Ableton? A midi track or the master bus? It appears in my plugins folder so that is sorted.

After creating a midi track and inserting a midi clip, I change the settings to reflect Program 1/bank 1 in the first midi clip, and then set up the subsequent clips (Program 2/bank 1 in the second clip and so on), how do I get EMU to respond accordingly? 

I've set the midi port in EMU to the same one Ableton is sending on. 

The EMU manual says it includes permanent Program Change methods that are always active and then the manual goes straight into mapping midi to faders. Is this how this happens? 
I would love to see a more detailed break down as to how to do this if I can.  

Thanks in advance,

Well I am making some progress. I have EMU install in a midi track and managed to assign bank and program changes to an XY controller. I guess the next step is to save a VST preset for each program change and recall these each time a new scene is launched? Does that sound about right?
Apologies for not getting back to you sooner on this.
With EMU, you can either create programs which can then be changed using MIDI or the VST Plugin to change scene (similar to what you have suggested). Alternatively you can control each fader separately using MIDI or the VST, this method requires a lot more CPU power, therefore it is recommended to create the looks in programs.
Changing programs thru automation in Ableton 11(Mac/win) keeps disengaging automation and I need to click re enable automation arrow up top every time there's a program change. I tested the other versions and remedies in a previous post but not avail. Any ideas?

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