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vst not recognized by Abelton
hi guys,

I am really new to lighting. 
Via Dmxis I was able to write in my lighting into Abelton via midi to 2 fixtures we used the chauvet geyser P7.
Unfortunately my dmxis stopped working, and now as i try to use the new EMU software, abelton does not recognize the emu vst.
I tried it on abelton live 11 and an older version abelton live 9. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Alex,

To confirm, do you mean you are having trouble discovering the VST at all or just that you are struggling to get control of EMU through the VST?

If you are trying to control EMU you will need to assign the channels and buttons you want to use. To do this select the things you want and then right-click and select VST mapping while the VST in Ableton is set to 'configure'.

Hope that makes sense.


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