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Bug & feature request

After setting some parameters (oscillator, chase, etc) on a fader or multiple faders, when the fader is selected again after that, it doesn't show the the values done on the parameter; for example, the oscillator is displayed as "Off" even that its working on Sine mode. It seems that it doesn't recall right the variable that holds the values applied to the fader.

And btw, is there a way to disable the splash window at the start?

An image worth more than a thousand words.

A couple of things more:
· When the cursor hover over the MIDI learn button, it display the text "Press and Hold your cursor on a fader / control...", which can simplified with "Select a fader or control" (replacing the "/" with "or", so it don't get confused with the Control key).

· And on the "Lock" option, it display "Prevent vaders...", instead of "Prevent faders...".

I think I'm having the same issue, after chopping through some programs it decides to not hold or throw random values on some of the faders. I've sent a message but had no response yet.
Really great software anyway, I really like it! Once this bugs all cleared up I can't wait to get it into action.

Here's the issue in video

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