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Ableton integration not perfectly in sync
I'm loving EMU. 

I have some automations in Ableton. In general, it seems to work ok visually for most of the song. But technically I don't know how well it's tracking. At the end of the song you can see it doesn't fade to zero when it supposed to. So my automation goes to zero, but oftentimes one or more of the actual faders in EMU is not going to zero, even though I can see the macro and fader in Ableton at zero. 

Check out the video:
I just swapped out the EMU for DMXIS (both software and hardware). The DMXIS tracks noticeably better and doesn't have any of these anomolies.

I'm assuming EMU is the future. I like that it's not tied to specific hardware and it can work over the network.

If I can help you with feedback/testing to get EMU working as good as DMXIS let me know!

(BTW... I really love that in DMXSIS I didn't have to find/associate my fixtures... see my other feedback post).

Another difference with DMXIS that is better is that it triggers the lights correctly wherever I pick up in the song. With EMU, lights stay on incorrectly when I jump around.
The latest beta version of the EMU software has come with some improvements to how it interacts with Ableton.


This update features a number of other optimisations along with the way internal timing is handled which should make the software run much faster in general. We're keen to know how you get on.
Thank you! The link doesn't seem to be working. Has the ellipsis as part of the link.

As soon as I get my hands on it I'll give it a try!
Found the link in the other post so I'm trying it out.
Hi there, the latest build can be found here.


Let us know how it goes! 

Hi there.   I too am having some sync issues with Ableton.  As I click around on the timeline in Arrangement View, the MIDI automations are not sending the signals to my lighting fixtures.  So let's say, I click to my marker at the beginning of a song, it MAY only send out the right signal to one of my lights.  Problematic in a live setting if I'm starting as a blackout and stuff is still on and pointing in all sorts of directions and colors from the last song performed.  Also, it's not necessarily the same fixture affected.  It's just random.  Maybe 1, maybe a pair, different configurations of that as all.  I'm using EMU through the VST3 plugin, which I just downloaded all the appropriate software today.  Is there something I should be checking?  Any insight is greatly appreciated.   

Thank you.
This program is awesome.
Thank you for reaching out to us.
This is not something that I have experienced with EMU before, I am keen to investigate this a little further.
Would you be able to update EMU to the latest version, before making a quick video which will demonstrate exactly what you mean. It would also benefit us if you could provide us with your EMU and Ableton show files, so that we can investigate this further.

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