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Create fixtures in app
I'm loving EMU. 

I realize it's kind of advanced to have people creating custom fixtures and it can be difficult to create an interface that allows that. It's cool that you're integrating with a fixture data provider. However, I'm kind of blown away at the fact that there are like 20 brands of fixtures I can buy on Amazon that have no entries in your database. The database seems huge. I can't believe there are so many light manufacturers.

Anyway... because the database obviously isn't anywhere near complete, it seems critical that you make it so anyone can add their own fixtures anytime. It's too much friction to submit it, wait weeks, and hope it gets entered correctly and updated in the software. 

Let's get the best of both worlds in there: Data provider + Manual setup. 

Thank you for your feedback on this. I understand the frustration that the delay causes, I have highlighted this to the development team, who will look into the possibilities of creating custom fixtures, or improving upon the update of the Crescit library that we use.

Please keep your feedback coming, as we look to further improve upon EMU.

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