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emu license invalid
Hello, i receive my voucher code to license emu software and when i try to register with my email adress & the code inside emu software it says that the code is invalid and emu still running on demo mode.

Is it normal ? i try to play with the software with two par led & it is working just fine.

So what are the limitations of the demo mode & how can i get a correct registration with the voucher code you gave me .

best regards,

I have the same issue. I had previously tried to install EMU on to a different computer but it wouldn't open.

I was able to get the program to open on a new computer but it says my free license is invalid.

Am I able to get a new voucher code?
Hi Guys,

Sorry to hear that it's giving you trouble if you can send me the emails you used to redeem the vouchers then I'll have a look and see if I can give them a kick. Of course, feel free to PM me your emails if you don't want them sitting on a forum post.

In the meantime, what versions of EMU are you using and what OS are you running on?

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