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Programs keep changing
I have just started using EMU and so far I have one show (name of my band), 3 Banks (one for each song), and several programs in each bank.  I have noticed that I once I get all programs straight in one bank, I go to one of the other banks which were previously correct, and several (but not all) programs have changed.  Many of these programs have the same name in other banks (Intro, Verse, Chorus etc.) but I would not think that would affect the same program in a different bank, would it?  Even so, my 'Blackout' program changes almost every time.  "Blackout' is the 14th program in one Bank, 15th in another, and 16th in the last one.  Is this a problem?  One other thought I had was that I 'Duplicated' some programs for use in other Banks and I thought adjusting them may be editing the original as well.  But I believe I have worked through deleting and replacing all the ones I had copied - this did not help.  

I hope this makes sense.  I'm running EMU version

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