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Programs change when patching in a new fixture
Programs that I´ve created messes up as soon as I add a new fixture. That should not happen, right?

Also I´ve found no way to remove or add a channel when used with an oscillator. So maybe I´ve created a white light that moves around and I just wanna change that to another colour...the easy way to do it would be to copy the program and remove the reds for example, but I haven´t found a solution for that?

Hey Nikke,

You are correct, that should not happen. We'll see if we can't get that fixed.

As for the Oscillators unfortunately that is just a limitation on how they are currently implemented. As you would have found, at this stage you would need to recreate the oscillator with the new fader selection you want. We'll look to see if this can be improved for future versions.

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