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Questions about Emu-enttec

Im running a show using Cubase on stage for backingtracks syncing video, our scores/notes, and all settings usiong midi/usb.
Now I want to sync all lights the same way using a vst.

I was going to get DMXIS but it is not available anymore.

So. Here's my questions about this as a proffessional sollution:

1: Dmxis had a special interface. Whaat about EMU? Can I use any enttec interface? Even the smallest interface?
2: Does it work in Windows 64 bit and cubase 64 bit? Enttec says "EMU offers a Windows 32-bit or macOS 64-bit VST plugin". Is it only 32-bit on windows????
3: It says EMU is free for a limited time. I caan not read anywhere for what time? What does it cost after the time is over? etc.

[font="Fira Sans", sans-serif, Helvetica, Arial]3EMU offers a Windows 32-bit or macOS 64-bit VST plugin[/font]
Hey Blafot,

1: At the moment EMU works with our USB Pro, Pro Mk2, and existing DMXIS hardware as well as sending Art-net for use with devices such as our ODE Mk2.
The Open DMX USB is Not compatible.

2: Yes, the VST is available in both 32 and 64bit for Windows.

3: The free period is expected to end in early 2022, keep an eye on our social media or subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of any changes.

- Matthew
Hi Matthew.
Thanx for your answers.

You said yhat the free period will end in early 2022... Can you give me a date? And price after the free period?
We need a solution for dmx-vst-lights for start setting up directly after new year and are going live on stage in february.

We need to know the price (no subcription), if there is a dongle-copy-protection (we avoid those) and when the free feriod will end (date) so we dont end up on stage with a not-working light.

In other case we have to look at other sollutions or go with our old "dedicated computer midi old enttec interface".

Thank you for showing interest in EMU. We’re working on finalising the details, please like and subscribe our YouTube channel and social media to stay tuned for important and exciting EMU update, coming Q1 2022.

Lets say I go for a DMX USB Pro Mk2 and create shows in cubase.
If emuLightning is not the right for me, can I use it with LightJams as VST inside Cubase? It says midi not supported on your site but is it as vst or standalone?

Can I store my scenes in the box and just use midi out from computer to trigger the changes? Van I use a DMX pedal to step between the scenes stored in the box?

Is there any chance of getting a VST that works like the VST in DMXis?

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