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Multiple EMU VST's in Ableton

Finally was able to get a VST to configure to one light and it seems to be running automations correctly. 

With the next light in my patch (the same type of 8CH light), I cannot get it to configure to the next VST. If I map it to "VST 2" it doesn't configure any knobs in Ableton. 

All that happens is it maps incorrectly the 2nd light incorrectly to the first VST. If I map it all the way up to "VST 9" it no longer is operated by the first VST. 

Anyone figured out how to fix this? Video attached for example.
Thank you for getting in contact.

EMU is only designed to have one instance of VST running at a time. Therefore to control multiple fixtures within EMU, you will need to map them all to the same VST.

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