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Programs not cycling correctly / randomly overwritten
I've been using EMU for a couple months now and wanted to share what I believe to be a significant bug within the software.

In the simplest terms what's happening is that EMU does not switch between banks or programs correctly, either through VST or manually changing it from within EMU's own UI. Furthermore I have seen times where EMU will actually overwrite programs between banks on it's own and nothing can be done to retrieve the original program file (not even the 'Load program from file & reset the EMU state'). I will try to give more context on this below for the developers to investigate:

OS: Windows 10 & 11 tested
Output: DMX USB Pro
Reaper used for VST

To recreate the issue I've documented I suggest creating 3 or 4 banks with 10 or so programs each. Now simply change between banks and programs at random and eventually you will notice that the selected program is not seen on the DMX output or reflected correctly on the faders in EMU's UI. This may be solved if you tell EMU to "Load program from file & reset the EMU state" but sometimes not. Eventually if you keep doing this it will progress to the point that programs get overwritten permanently within their own bank or sometimes for example program 2 in bank 1 will overwrite program 2 in bank 2. When programs get overwritten the faders are overwritten yet the name of the program is not, but sometimes the name is also overwritten. Again when this happens all I'm doing is simply changing between programs and banks by selecting them within the UI or via VST.

This actually happened to me at a LIVE band show for me this past weekend. It was extremely frustrating to watch the cues I had pre-programmed not cycle correctly and get overwritten. At this point the program is obviously unusable for me and I can't recommend it. I hope this gets attention from the developers as I'm not sure how anyone else is able to use EMU at the moment. It seems like fairly basic functionality that was somehow missed in a QA check.
This describes my problem exactly. I am currently running the same version as the OP and have been experiencing the issue through several versions. I mostly use MIDI notes to trigger my programs, but it also happens when using the EMU UI.

I hope someone from ENTTEC addresses this soon!
Hi guys,

Thanks for reporting this. The devs have been working this one to get a solution.

Please give the latest beta version on the website a try with your showfiles that are running into issues. Looking forward to your feedback!

Thanks again!

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