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Ableton 9 Live VST not recognized in Plug-ins
I've been through the knowledge base and have seen many posts about Ableton VST's issues, but none have resolved my issue.    

I have installed EMU (default install) and have been trying to get the VST to show up in Plug-ins for a week now (scan assigned folder/s); butt, it doesn't appear.  Ableton support said that Live 9 does not recognize VST3's this morning; said that the VST should be .dll - really?  So, I've looked through the VST folders and the one Ableton suggest on their webpage (program files/Common files/vst plug-ins) is empty.  EMU put VST3's in the VST folder...  Is there a hidden 64 bit .dll installed somewhere else?

I've tried LightJam and their VST shows up in Ableton; however, I'm not a rocket scientist and have way too much time invested in EMU to stray off on something new.

Windows 10 - Pro
Ableton Live 9 Standard 9.7.7
Enttec DMX USB PRO Mk2
Windows 10 Pro
Ableton Live 9 Standard
You should be able to find the .dll file if you search for it in this location:

C:\Program Files\ENTTEC\EMU

Search for "VST" in that folder and I believe you will find the VST.dll file.
EMU does not use VST, but VST3, which by default are installed on Windows at "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3".
Support of VST3 starts from Ableton Live 10
Can you take a look at this video?

I believe this is what you are looking for in terms of mapping.

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