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add lights to ableton backing tracks with enttec usb dmx pro
My goal is to run 2 little rgbwa pars automated by ableton live that is already running backing tracks. I got the usb dmx pro and installed the Emu software. 

I was finally able to get emu to talk to ableton and run lights. For those trying to figure out how to add lights to ableton backing tracks here are the steps that worked for me. 

1. Have both emu and ableton running
2.  find where the vst folder is for emu is and put the folder path in the ableton preferences under plug-ins. For me on a pc laptop it's in C:\ program files\enttec\emu 
3. Make a midi track under your audio tracks. Select a portion of the midi track and right click and choose "insert midi clip"
4. pull the midi clip to fill up the song
5. In the "collections" box (upper left screen in arrangement view), choose plug-ins, VST3, Enttec, EMUVST. 
6. Enlarge the vst box at screen bottom by clicking on down arrow and  click "configure". 
7. Keep ableton running but get Emu in focus. Highlight a fader from a fixture you have patched in Emu and right click and choose vst mapping, choose channel, and choose map. 
8. Go back to ableton and a slider should appear in the vst box. Do it for the rest of the faders you want to control . 
9. Note that the sliders won't work the lights in ableton until you unclick "configure" 
10. select a slider and right click and choose show automation in new lane. 

This  allows you to draw automation in lanes in ableton for each emu fader. If there is a better or easier way, please let me know. 
-Thomas H

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