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choppy fades

     I bought the enttec usb pro and am using the emu software. I'm using ableton to send automation to emu to control lights with backing tracks. I have one adj mega par and have made 5 automation lanes for several songs. all was working smoothly yesterday and following automation perfectly,  but today the faders (on the emu window ) are not moving smoothly. If you view them while a song is playing in ableton, they jump as they move and are late coming in mimicking the actual light.      

I found this discussion which accurately describes the issue:

I've tried those solutions without success. Used emu to reinstall firmware 1.44 and changed usb pro parameters back to defaults. Only have one fixture on a brand new dmx cable. Running windows 10 , 16 gigs ram, ableton live 10. Any help would be much appreciated. 

Thomas H

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